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A total design service with bespoke design solutions delivered by an experienced team

A new generation Design & Architecture Studio. A collective of bold designers each with unique and diverse backgrounds within their respected fields of Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion, Graphic Design, Branding and Marketing. Having joint forces we have developed an innovative approach to design, complimenting one another’s set of skills to help deliver and improve the quality of lifestyle and user experience through the power of design.

As a concept orientated company, we understand the importance of telling our client’s story correctly, which effectively resonates with the audience for their business.

Solutions by Design.


Assisting you to establish your brand

At Cresava we cover all corners of creativity, resulting in a stronger axis of concept through different mediums, which often becomes challenging and diluted when using multiple consultants.

Whether you are starting up, requiring management from concept to build/end product, looking for someone to come up with the best design solution, or would like to improve your brand identity and experience, we are here to provide all inclusive research and design services tailored to suit you.

Interior / Architectural

Whether designing an high end retail store, a private residential abode, unveiling an immersive visitor experience or renovating a fit out of a restaurant and bar, every design is tailored specifically to a shared vision with our client. Our approach allows us to execute with exciting, innovative design solutions, identifying market responsive objectives and managing the build process to deliver on time and on budget. Every project should be nothing less than unique & timeless.

We have experience in all aspects of architectural projects, encompassing the refurbishment of listed buildings, extensions, and new build solutions, from initial concept through to planning and completion.

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At Cresava we understand that branding isn’t just selecting colour palettes and designing a cool looking logo. A brand is an Identity, it can be described as a company, service, product, person, or even a place which has a voice and personality of their own. Branding is how people view and perceive your company and can make the difference between success and failure.

In order to create an effective brand we aim to capture a deep understanding of our client and their philosophy, to propose the best reflection of their identity and company ethos.

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Digital Design

We take our responsibilities further on branding, not only is the aesthetic vital to communicating your philosophy, but its practicality and delivery is equally important. The user experience from your platform and interaction with the interface can not only determine it’s success but also, sets the tone of the company and reflects how it operates.

Therefore we work closely with our client to ensure that every aspect of the product we design is fully optimized, to best represents the intelligence and quality of our client.

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Fashion Design & Production

When approaching our clothing design for specific clients, whether it be uniforms or a promotional clothing line, our company benefits from the specialties from our different design fields. The results from our clothing design ensures it aligns with the desired company’s and/ or client’s identity. We ensure it is justified and practical and if required, make an impact.

We go further in our work for products, researching deep into materiality and manufacturing that suggests the most suitable clothing design for your brand and its function. Our connections and experiences with manufactures in the field allows us to provide services that cover everything from implemented design to experimentation and production, whether it be a single exclusive line or mass production.

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Acting as our client’s strategic partner, we will act on their behalf, providing appropriate support and management on each project. Whether from our own connections of specialists or someone new, we can assist in finding and appointing the most suitable consultants to execute their vision, help establish guidelines and standards, and engage in problem solving. Collectively Cresava’s team hold extensive experience from working on some of the largest most complex projects internationally. We’re Confident that we can tackle every project by our client’s side.

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We’re here to deliver value.


Impact all aspects, not just the aesthetic

Effective design demonstrates intelligence, producing results which isn’t driven by just pure aesthetic. It is justified and strategic design that responds to the market and is produced by tireless, thorough research and creation to deliver a concept that is the best response to any challenge.

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We are based in two of the most influential and leading cities for design in the world, Tokyo and London.

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