- Luxury Lohas

The new Malibu Hotel development located in Kamakura, Japan was a central part of  a larger mix-use development that would see the revamp of a semi-public marina bay.

The hotel would act as the nucleus of a campus that would include wedding venues, sporting facilities, retail, food & beverage and fine-dining.

Cresava’s involvement in the project was to ensure the overall brand developed and marketing strategy captured the culture and lifestyle the site was renowned for and appeal to the broader market. As the site was originally part of an exclusive members club the challenge to was to supplement the lifestyle of the existing members, whilst attracting a new generation of young professionals.

With the selection of key retail and dining vendors occupying specific units on the site it was important to create a brand for the hotel that would not distract or contradict the individuality of such venders whilst branding together and representing the overall culture and vision of the marina bay as a whole.

- Surrounding Inspiration​

There was a collaborative goal with the Malibu-Farm restaurant, known for its promotion of a healthy, organic, sustainable and minimal lifestyle. It was important for the brand to encompass this whilst grasping the elements that represented the Riviera resort.

Known for its Yacht Clubs, luxury 5-star service and wedding venues the Riviera brand was renowned for its level of prestige.

The new brand for the hotel would need to capture and marry both these cultures.

The branding was driven by these cultures and the content of the site itself, naturally drawing from the inspiration of the surrounding elements. The hotel was to act as a gateway or ‘window’ from the land to the ocean, for city workers to

their country gateway, from the daily grind to momentary freedom. The new hotel was to mark the begging of a new story or the turning of a new leaf and embracing a more responsible approach to sustainability. It was important to capture this passion from the client and to ensure it was represented its up-most certainty through the brand, and then in themarketing strategy.


Assisting the client in the coordination of the design development, a strong cohesive branding guideline was established that would allow the client to easily implement existing and future marketing strategies. The brand was to be recognized across the board and to allow third party vendors flexibility to promote their own brands whilst aligning with the site’s overall umbrella brand.





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