Supplement Clothing

Project Type:
Clothing | Function | Production | Sporting

Kobe, Japan

Fashion Design & Production | Advertising & Marketing | Brand Identity | Brand Strategy | Photography Direction

Reflecting the Brand

The gym wear for the client Pure Balance was simple yet intelligent. The newly refurbished gym had a strong brand that projected serenity, purity, focus and ‘balance’. Not wanting to diverge too far from this image, the use of pale pastel colours, high quality, stretchy breathable fabric was a given. Our focus on this project was the quality, fitting and durability, researching the most typical gym activities and movements users go through to create a clothing line that is specifically designed for the gym. Driven by intelligent fabrics and designed by function.

Like any design project taken on by Cresava, the client and end user is key to proposing the best solution. We believe that through great intelligent design users can feel the difference. The clothing line is determined by their experience, hence our tag ‘made by you’. Therefore we will propose a line that addresses these elements as well as allowing us to engage in design production, merchandising and PR.

“Good clothing design makes it difficult for the user to pinpoint exactly why it’s better, how it feels when wearing it tells you that it’s intelligently designed.”